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I Love The Yummy Box,    but what are my options?

Here's what we found restaurants trying to enhance their customers takeout experience. 

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Testimonials from              1st Customer

Flexible payment options

Save on energy cost: $10 a year to power

Smart locks are easily updated for latest technology trends and technician free upkeep

Easy wipe clean

Here to support your whole business

How  The Yummy Box Works / Case Study with our Founder

Here to support your whole business

Top Customer Review

The Yummy Box

"Using a new concept is exciting but you never know if it will help your business. The First thing I noticed with The Yummy Box is how it freed up my staff. They no longer had to wait for people to arrive to pick up their order. Also, I like how to-go customers and food delivery services have direct access to to-go orders instead of crowding cash registers. If I had to rate The Yummy Box, I would genuinely give it a 10 out of 10. It optimizes my staff workflow, and my customers love it. Customers and drivers were in and out in 45 seconds or less, and takeout has become a more personal branding experience."



- Yogi Patel, Owner

Houston, Texas


"Customers love The Yummy Box, and our staff does too. Frequently customers arrive at our location to pick up their orders without us knowing that they came in - it's like having an extra employee. The Yummy Box automated process allows customers to have a personalized pickup experience and for our operation to be more flexible with how we utilize our staff."

- Sherice & Steve Garner, Owner

Houston, Texas

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Here to support your whole business

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The Yummy Box

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Here to support your whole business

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