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Contactless pick-up with built-in sanitation dispensers

No more desk-to-desk deliveries. Free up administrative support to help with critical operational needs

Save on power cost. $5/year to power in comparison to $720/year for other retail lockers

No huge learning curve. Simple to use.

Offer 24/7 package pick-up

Add an amenity that attracts new members

Secure member packages for convenient and reliable pick-up

Get higher online ratings and better reviews by offering the latest amenities with the latest technology


Smart technology drives the efficiency of our Hybrid Smart Lockers. In fact, the whole process is largely automated and rather simple.

EnterOpen Pickup

Standard office spaces are officially archaic. So why not upgrade your co-working space with a perk that adds value to your members when it's delivery time?


Instead of placing items in an empty closet with poor lighting, in an unattended cubby, or having your receptionist send Slack/Envoy messages every time a member receives a package try a more convenient way.


The Happy Box solution allows packages from top postal carriers such as FedEx, UPS, and even retail giant Amazon to be received by your administrative support and then securely stored in The Happy Box for convenient pickup by your members. The Happy Box is a perk that will excite members and free up staff from around the clock package management at co-working spaces.

Package pickup at your collaborative space just become more convenient | Enter. Open. Pickup.

Your administrative assistant receives packages from top courier companies in the U.S. on behalf of co-working members

First, your administrative assistant selects DROP OFF

Then, they select an available box to place order in for member pickup. 

Member receives a text message or Slack notification that their package is ready for pickup at The Happy Box. Member replies 'Got It' to receive their one-time verification code. 

Member enters verification code at kiosk to pick up their package from The Happy Box at a convenient time for them.

The Future of Co-Working Spaces

Things to know about the co-working industry


The co-working industry has taken the world by storm. In 2005, there were only 3 co-working spaces in the entire world. And as of 2017, that number has skyrocket to a staggering 15,000 and that number is only slated to grow.


37% of co-working space providers are looking to expand into other locations. On average, spaces serve 83 members at each location.


92% of members are satisfied with the co-working space they use, and providing the right amenities can ensure your members are part of the majority.

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