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Here's what we found restaurants trying to enhance their customers takeout experience. 


Testimonials from Pilot Partners

Flexible payment options

Save on energy cost: $5 a year to power

Smart locks are easily updated for latest technology trends and technician free upkeep

How  it works / Case Study with our Founder

Top Customer Review

"Using a new concept is exciting but you never know if it will help your business. The First thing I noticed with The Yummy Box is how it freed up my staff. They no longer had to wait for people to arrive to pick up their order. Also, I like how to-go customers and food delivery services have direct access to to-go orders instead of crowding cash registers. If I had to rate The Yummy Box, I would genuinely give it a 10 out of 10. It optimizes my staff workflow, and my customers love it. Customers and drivers were in and out in 45 seconds or less, and takeout has become a more personal branding experience."



- Yogi Patel, Owner

Houston, Texas

"Customers love The Yummy Box, and our staff does too. Frequently customers arrive at our location to pick up their orders without us knowing that they came in - it's like having an extra employee. The Yummy Box automated process allows customers to have a personalized pickup experience and for our operation to be more flexible with how we utilize our staff."

- Sherice & Steve Garner, Owner

Houston, Texas

How we plan to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace & be memorable in 2020

We're happy you're considering us as your partner. We take earning your business very seriously and will exhaust all possible efforts to help you succeed. When working with us, you can expect timely responses, good vibes, and complete transparency. Speaking of transparency, we put our prices directly on our website despite the gripes from the industry not to. We're here to do things differently and ensure you have a million and one reasons to trust us as your partner.


Our focus as a company is on simplicity and sustainability. The simplicity of our smart locker is what makes it different from all of the other smart lockers on the market. Unlike traditional smart locker systems that require skilled technicians to build and maintain, our hardware can be managed and updated with a simple screwdriver. 

Most companies build from scratch. We do not because we believe retrofitting is the new wave of innovation. Instead of building from scratch, we turn normal lockers into smart lockers to make package pickup faster, more convenient, and secure. And since we are big on uniqueness, you can customize the design to represent your brand!

Tell me more (FAQs)

1. What is The Yummy Box?​

The Yummy Box is a simplified smart locker system that automates the pick-up process of online orders. With easily interchangeable parts and modular design, our solution to BOPIL (buy-online-pickup-in-locker) are scalable, modern, and technician-free.

2. What are the benefits of The Yummy Box?

The idea behind BOPIL (Buy online Pick-up in Locker) is to merge the online and in-store pick-up experience. While the old model of having a service counter to hand over orders to the customer may have saved some time, it's not really enough of an incentive over just ordering delivery, which cuts into your profits. 

After all, one of the main reasons that customers make an online order is to avoid stressful, lengthy lines and feeling pressured to tip. 

The Yummy Box eliminates this since it is the final step in the pick-up process. Picking up an order takes mere seconds, no matter how busy the rest of the restaurant is.

3. How does The Yummy Box add-value to my operation?​

  • Incentive customers to order takeout over delivery

  • Save on high third-party delivery fees (15% to 30%)

  • Free up staff to help with important FOH and BOH needs

  • Accurate pickup times to attract customers that have limited time on lunch breaks or are in a hurry

  • Secure customer orders for convenient pick-up during business hours

  • Cut down pick up times (45 sec. or less pick-up process allows customers to pick-up quickly and easily)

  • Admin Portal that aggregates valuable customer data

  • One-touch order processing

  • Appeal to socially responsible customers

  • Eliminate bottlenecks at cash registers

4. How are your lockers made?​​

We believe repurposing and retrofitting is the new wave of innovation. This belief comes to life in our solution, The Yummy Box, in which we've discovered an innovative way to turn basic lockers into smart lockers for to-go order management at restaurants.​


Our socially inspired solutions have been built to last, be easily updated, and recycled. We are inspired by Nike, who repurposed plastic bottles into soccer jerseys and Hello Fresh, who repurposed wool for insulated grocery delivery.​


Our passion is to repurpose and retrofit lockers to help cut down on global e-waste and design solutions that are used in many different ways.

5. Are lockers fully customizable?

Yes, from style and design to the size of the boxes, we work with you to create what we call functional art-pieces. Our solutions are branding experiences worthy of being shared on social media to create more appeal around your restaurant.​

6. How's The Yummy Box better than food delivery?

We can not say that  we're better, what we can say is we offer a different value to restaurant that may be more profitable for them. 

For an example, when restaurants serve food in their store their margins are up to 69% of the total check and reduced to 39% for the same order via third party app.

On average restaurants pay third-party delivery apps 10 to 25% on each order. Also, restaurants lose control over valuable customer data.

We have flexible payment options including a low flat fee and we collaborate with you to optimize your restaurant for the future of takeout and mobile ordering.

7. Is The Yummy Box Heated?

To accommodate a wide range of food temperatures, we designed our systems with insulation instead of artificial heating or cooling systems.

We use a food-safe material named Expanded Polyethylene Foam (EPE) or Cross-linked polyethylene foam (XPE). These materials perform excellent as thermal insulation, moisture resisting, and is recyclable. Think of The Yummy Box as a pizza bag or a cooler.

Studies have found:

EPE and XPE have gained popularity in the shipping industry in recent years. Many former refrigerated or heated shipping containers are lined with thermal insulation. In addition to cost-savings, this simplified way of regulating temperature has been proven to keep food temperatures safe during transport. 

With that as a reference, we implemented this concept into our solution to support our green agenda for keeping the power cost at or below $5 a year and as a better way to manage various food item temperatures.

Our conclusion:
For example, a plate of hot brisket with a side of two cold dishes, coleslaw, and pasta salad has two different temperature needs. 

By having insulated compartments, our boxes can maintain different food items in a single box without having to place each item in different boxes costing more in to-go packaging and time during customer pickup.

Down the road, we are hopeful that newer technology will improve to-go packaging for better preservation of food and temperature management for the customers' ride to their next destination.
Lastly, we see a new trend in the restaurant space. Casual Dining and Fast-Casual Restaurants are now using what we are calling the Three-Layer Concept. This concept consists of black foam to-go containers, foil arranged on top of food items before closing, and then the container is placed inside of a black bag. 

Although no official testing was conducted, we've tried it as customers of Turkey Leg Hut in Houston, and our food remained piping hot after a 45-minute drive back home. Other restaurants like SouthernQ BBQ are using this same technique. 

8. How can I get The Yummy Box for my restaurant?

Simply, submit a request to our sales team so we can determine if The Yummy Box installation would work well for your restaurant. Submitting a request takes 90 seconds or less. No preparatory work needed at a proposed location until you have been happily contacted by our team and an installation date has been confirmed.