We're a purpose-driven startup making a 

bold effort.

Our Desired Impact

Make retrofitting the new wave of innovation

The idea behind the company is to create technology that turns ordinary lockers, into smart lockers to help restaurants and co-working spaces run their businesses more efficiently by giving them better data and streamlining the pickup of online orders.

clevtech serves as a stylish, affordable, and socially inspired alternative to traditional smart locker systems. With easily interchangeable parts & customizable designs, we've made exchanging goods simple, modern, and technician-free.

Our Team

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We're a Texas-registered company that believes new technology doesn't

have to be built from scratch to offer modern-day convenience and

happiness to everyone. We spend our days developing technology, stylishly, and affordably while putting our twist on smart lockers. We're looking for the best to join our team. Join us on this journey to make repurposing the new wave of innovation.


Founder/ CEO

Nickname - The Optimizer

Dommonic Nelson

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Product Manager

Jay Patel


Strategic Advisor

Darrell Anderson


iOS & Android Council



Head of Client Partnerships

David Guajardo

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Lead Programmer

Yasha Nguyen

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R & D Technician

Shabnam Fallahpour

Image by sydney Rae

Social Media Manager

Project Manager

Marketing Professional

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Our story

FoodGarage (now known as clevtech) was conceived in 2014 as an idea to develop high-tech community refrigerators with lockable compartments for the 71% of Americans who reported their lunch being stolen from their company break rooms. The idea to repurpose systems for the restaurant industry wouldn’t come until three years later (late 2017) when the team had a strong feeling that repurposing products is the new wave of innovation. 

A company founded by a guy who has his best ideas in the shower

Beginning in 2015 (one year after graduation), Dommonic Nelson spent three years on a quest for a cool, marketable product that would yield a scalable and profitable business and find a software engineer to help with coding.  A memorable part of that journey took place in November 2016, when Shabnam (first full-time partner) and Dommonic, with little to no handy-woman or handyman skills, spent nearly four hours assembling their very first set of lockers to conduct concept testing at the Houston Technology Center.  This quest to refine their business model led to a deep understanding of the ideal customer for their product and service.

Concept testing revealed that they had the right ingredients but the wrong formula. They persevered and unexpectedly got a meeting with Bluefish Concepts founder and Make Me A Millionaire Inventor personality on CNBC, Michael Fineberg. He set their growing team on a greater, more defined opportunity in the winter of 2017. Michael Fineberg had told them, “I can build you a high-tech community refrigerator with lockable compartments but that’s nothing special; anyone can build lockers. Focus on the technology; let someone else build lockers. You guys should create great technology with a really cool branding experience." 

With newly found clarity, Dommonic decided to attend famed FUBU founder and Shark Tank personality, Daymond John’s, Success Formula workshop, where he learned how to re-plan his worthwhile goal and implement the advice given by Michael Fineberg. A week later their investor, Jay Patel called a meeting saying, “I don’t think the original concept will work. Let’s look into putting this into restaurants instead; I ordered a meal online and when I made it to the restaurant I still had to wait, completely defeating the purpose of ordering ahead of time.” That was the “aha” moment for Dommonic – to repurpose lockers and create really cool technology… for the restaurant takeout industry.

It's not enough to have a product. you have to believe in something

We’re a young and talented group of entrepreneurs and engineers with an inventive concept designed to contribute towards a better tomorrow. Our founder Dommonic Nelson has watched and studied the effects of technological obsolesce (old products replacing new) and how it has harmed our planet. The most profound documentary he's learned from is Zeitgeist Moving Forward. A feature-length documentary which presents a case for a needed transition out of the current socioeconomic monetary paradigm which governs the entire world society. He adheres to the values of Jacque Fresco and believes with our locker system we can develop solutions that are built to last, be easily updated, and be recycled. With our lockers, the goal is to take a product that would typically have one life form and give it many. At clevtech, we believe that the right understanding and technological edge can lead companies towards a prosperous future and promote a clean world. Our mission is to lead a new wave of innovation by repurposing products that redefine the customer pickup experience, help to support a clean planet, and make modern necessities more affordable. We are a humble team of passionate people who genuinely want to make the world a better place.