We're happy you're considering us as your partner. We take earning your business very seriously and will exhaust all possible efforts to help you succeed. When working with us, you can expect timely responses, good vibes, and complete transparency. Speaking of transparency, we put our prices directly on our website despite the gripes from the industry not to and listed every known alternative option you have. We're here to do things differently and ensure you have a million and one reasons to trust us as your partner.


Equipment |

Software |

Order Processing |

Shipping Fee |

Installation |

Standard Wrapping







[Pricing may very depending on configuration and the smart locker selected. Leasing options are available for The Yummy Box (food) & The Doc Box (pharmaceuticals)]

Own (your brand, your design)

Custom Equipment |

Software |

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Customized Wrapping |







$100/mo - 1st mo. free

[Pricing may very depending on configuration and the smart locker selected. Owning options are available for The Happy Box (packages) & The Stash Box (smart storage)]

What's in the box?

  • High Pressure Laminate Lockers (Doors: 5S, 4M, 3L, 2XL, or 1XXL)

  • Custom Wrapping 3M Vinyl, 3 Inks, 3M Laminates, 3M Warranty

  • Electronic Locks With Preprogramming

  • PP3 9V battery for power override

  • Replacement batteries for digital locks 

  • 3 Power Extension Cables

  • AmazonBasics Adjustable Tablet Stand

  • Digital Tablet Floor Stand

  • 2 Android or iOS Digital Tablets with WiFi Connectivity

  • Bottom Floor Stand Magnet with Custom Branding

  • Hardware Customization (your brand)

  • Software: Order Management

  • Software: Stripe Connect for Mobile Payments

  • Software: Admin Panel 

  • Software: Food Delivery Apps/ Package Carriers (low-Integration)

  • Software: SMS Notifications

  • 100% Automated Pickup™

Join Pilot Program

We want everyone to benefit from a more efficient operation and know that it takes a few authentic tests to see the difference Clever Box can make for your customer's pick up process and experience.
With our risk-free pilot program and return policy, you can try any of
clevtech solutions in the comfort of your own business, pressure-free. 

If you used another pick-up solution or process every day for the past few months or years, your team and customers would need just a little time to adjust but will be happy they did. We offer a 45-day pilot program for exclusive businesses who want to be the first in the world to try our new systems and take note of how your pick up process becomes more efficient and grows your business along the way. 

No hidden fees. Offer and systems are available in a few select cities with more to come.


  1. Greater Houston Area

  2. The Woodlands, TX

  3. Pearland, TX

  4. Katy, TX

  5. Tomball, TX

  6. Spring, TX

  7. Sugar Land, TX

  8. Friendswood, TX

  9. League City, TX

  10. Conroe, TX

Hang tight, your city may just be added next for our pilot program of Clever Box solutions.

Specs needed to run clevtech software

  •  Wi-Fi internet speeds of at least 25 Mbps

  • Standard American electrical outlet (15-amp duplex receptacle)

  • AAA Alkaline batteries (provided)

  • Adequate spacing for simplified smart lockers. Each column of lockers are 72'' tall and 15" wide and 15" deep 

      (see FAQs for dimensions)