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{At-Cost: You pay what we pay - no markup}


Customize your Smart Locker with bespoke wrapping tailored to your brand's aesthetics. Our designers work closely with your team to reflect your distinctive style.


What hardware is included?

  • Monthly Data Analytics 

  • 9 Box Systems made of 57% salt, 43% Petroleum, chlorine, and POLIWOOD
  • Insulation for food freshness
  • Custom Wrapping 3M Vinyl, 3 Inks, 3M Laminates, 3M Warranty
  • 2 Android Digital Tablets with WiFi Connectivity
  • Kiosk with Custom Branding Magnet
  • Smart Locks With Preprogramming
  • PP3 9V battery for power override
  • Replacement batteries for digital locks 
  • 2 Power Extension Cables
  • AAA Alkaline batteries

  • AmazonBasics Adjustable Tablet Stand


What software is included?

  • Subscription Based Service - $8/per day - billed mo.
    • Software: Order Management
    • Software: Stripe Connect for Mobile Payments
    • Software: Admin Panel 
    • Software: Food Delivery Apps/ Package Carriers (low-Integration)
    • Software: SMS Notifications
    • FREE Install


Additional Details: 

  • Wi-Fi internet speeds of at least 25 Mbps

  • Standard American electrical outlet (15-amp duplex receptacle)

  • Quantity-based discounts are available to all customers with three or more locations (see pricing below)​

  • Taxes are added at invoicing | 50% Deposit is due at signing

  • (click here for 13 Benefits of purchasing The Yummy Box)



  • Subscription Based Service - $4/per day - billed mo.
    • FREE Install
    • Android and iOS system updates, hosting data on servers, online security service, payment service updates and management, analytics, debugging (removing errors from computer software and hardware), electronic lock monitoring, customer service, content updates, SMS notification management, SMS compliance, app troubleshooting.
    • Admin Dashboard: viable customer insights and data.
    • Support: . Dedicated external support teams for physical malfunctions.

The Yummy Box (Version 3)

SKU: 364215376135191
  • 32.67x18.50x70.86 (LWH)

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