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The Yummy Box


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Why The Yummy Box?


Off-Premise Growth On Your Terms

Make takeout more attractive to save on high third-party delivery fees that range from 15% to 30% [$3 to $6 saved per $20 order]


Boost Efficiency

Save team members time to assist with important FOH and BOH responsibilities instead of staffing take-out counters or standing out front


Increase Customers Confidence

Reduce crowds in waiting areas to help with social distancing and increase customers' and staff's confidence and safety by minimizing human-to-human interaction/transmission.


Customer Centric Experience

Turn your pick-up process into a branding experience with your very own customized designed Yummy Box.


Keep Food Fresh

Protect food freshness in thermally insulated compartments


Eco-Friendly Design

V3 lockers that are 100% recyclable smart lockers (made of 57% salt, 43% petroleum, and some chlorine)


Idling Reduction for Customers Vehicles

Reduce carbon emission from idling vehicles waiting in drive-thrus (10 minutes off prevents one pound from being released). [PUBLICATION]


Loss Prevention

Don't eat the cost of taken orders from mobile pickup shelves - secure customer orders for convenient pick-up during business hours


Smooth & Consistent Pickup


Create a dedicated area for take-out orders to eliminate any bottleneck at cash registers

Here to support your whole business

Here's what we found others trying

EnterOpen Pickup

Some restaurants may store food on racks behind CS counters that require cashiers or restaurant staff to crew a to-go station. Some locations may use mobile pickup shelves using an “honor system.”


Considering that takeout is forecasted to outgrow all restaurant industry growth in the next decade, there has to be a better way. The Yummy Box prevents unauthorized access to customer’s take-out orders, reduces customers and food delivery apps pick up times to 45 seconds or less, and makes operational processes more efficient by automating takeout.


Secure and convenient customer pick up allows for to-go stations to be automated, OK'ing management to put staff members in more value-added roles. With all the extra time, restaurants can focus on what they do best — cooking and entertaining guests!

The Yummy Box

Here to support your whole business

Streamlining takeout for your customers in three easy steps  -

Enter. Open. Pickup.


How would my customer experience The Yummy Box?

Customer places an order by phone or orders online...

Step 1

Option 1 - Your customer is notified precisely when their order is ready for pickup. When they reply 'OMW' you get a real-time status update for better food quality monitoring. Option 2 - Customer downloads Satchl for pickup using QR code scanning.

Step 2

Option 1 - Enter. Open. Pickup. The customer arrives at your restaurant, enters their Verification Code, opens the box, and picks up their order. Option 2 - Scan. Open. Pickup. 

The customer arrives at your restaurant, Scans their Satchl QR code, opens the box, and picks up their order.


Here to support your whole business

The Future of Order Pickup

Things to know about the restaurant industry




It’s estimated that the global online ordering market will grow tenfold over the next decade, to $365 billion in 2030.

Takeout generated approx.

$124 Billion in sales in 2019 & 60% of U.S. consumers order delivery or takeout once a week.

70% of consumers say they’d rather order directly from a restaurant, preferring that their money goes straight to the restaurant and not a third party.

Customize the design to match your branding

The Yummy Box

Here to support your whole business

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